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Coming soon : Kaboul Kitchen S3 - 12x30'

Co-produced with Chic Films

Producers : Joëy Faré and Marco Cherqui

A television series created by : Jean-Patrick Benes, Allan Mauduit and Marc Victor

Season written by : Allan Mauduit, Jean-Patrick Benes, Benjamin Dupas, Camille Pouzol, Quoc Dang Tran, Fanny Herrero, Alexis Michalik, Julien Lacombe, Léo Karmann, Sabrina B. Karine, Salvatore Lista, Caroline Charléty.

Directors : Virginie Sauveur, Guillaume Nicloux and Frédéric Balekdjian

Actors : Stéphane De Groodt, Simon Abkarian, Stéphanie Pasterkamp, Benjamin Bellecour, Karina Testa, Alexis Michalik, Marc Citti and Fayçal Azizi

Jacky is alive ! Well, that’s Michel Coulaincourt’s claim, and he is a traveler with a tendancy to lie. He doesn’t have any difficulties with lying, especially if it helps him to coax Sophie… and to take the bedroom of the Kaboul Kitchen’s ex-boss.  Yet Jacky is really dead, and Michel, chased by russian mobsters, is in a good position to know something about it…

In the case of Amanullah, he goes out of jail, ruined : the CIA has dismantled his business. But as the phoenix rising up from his ashes, the colonel has a great plan : drugs are over, say hello to the future president! He will need to earn a new respectability, and the program « Roses against Opium », so dear to the humanitarians in Kaboul, is going to take some damage because of it. But this is without considering the help of his new friend Michel, who can smell the millions of dollars mixed with the roses… until he finds out that, besides having the russians on his ass, some new kind of trouble will come from Afghanistan.

Channel : Canal +

In production : FIERTÉS - PRIDE - 3x52'

Producer : Joëy Faré

Written by : Niels Rahou, José Caltagirone and Philippe Faucon

Director : Philippe Faucon

Actors : casting in progress

Charles. Victor. Bao. Three generations of men from the same family, which will be transformed by the social progress happening in the country. Three men shown as symbols of their time. Each episode is dedicated successively to each one of them, around three historic moments. Retrospective and epic, the series also portrays a family as well as a social and a political situation. Three episodes to tell that it has never been easy to be proud. Portrait of a broken family, Pride is a chronology about tolerance shown through a family. A family that is a milestone of the country’s situation.

Channel : Arte France




Coming soon : ENTRE DEUX MÈRES - TORN - 90'

Co-produced with ITV Studios France

Producers : Joëy Faré and François Florentiny

Based on a series by Chris Lang

Adaptation and dialogues : Delphine Labouret and Didier Le Pêcheur

Director : Renaud Bertrand

Actors : Odile Vuillemin, François Vincentelli, Armelle Deutsch, Samir Boitard, Marilyn Lima, Julie de Bona, Luna Lou, Igor Van dessel and Anne Coesens

Alice Leroy, four years old, disappears on the beach. She probably drowned. After eleven years, her mother Sarah still didn’t manage to grief. That’s when Alice reappears. The investigation reveals that Alice was kidnapped by Jeanne Vivier. She raised Alice as if she was her own daughter, and has to face the pain that she caused to the Leroy family. Alice is taken away from Jeanne, because she has to join her real parents. Slowly, Sarah and David are going to learn how to live with the teenager that their daughter became, torn apart between her two mothers…

Channel : TF1

Coming soon : SOURCES ASSASSINES - 90'

Producer : Florence Dormoy

Written by : Philippe Donzelot

Director : Bruno Bontzolakis

Actors : Julie de Bona, Marthe Keller, Joakim Latzko, Jacques Bonnaffé, Agathe Bonitzer, Alexandre Carrière, Geneviève Mnich and Marie-Pierre Nouveau

In the thermal town of La Bourboule, a man is found dead, killed by poison. His ex-girlfriend, Irene, chef-doctor of the thermal baths, owns an important stock of medicinal arsenic which could be the murder weapon. She is accused of the crime and she is arrested. Call for the rescue, her daughter Fanny, young captain in the Crime section of Paris who she didn’t see for years, will try to prove her mom’s innocence and discover the truth. Between love interests, business interests and vengeance, Fanny’s investigation is going to lead her much further than what she could ever imagine, making her discover her own family’s secrets.

Channel : France 3

In development : LES SAUVAGES - 6x52'

Co-produced with Chic Films

Producers : Joëy Faré and Marco Cherqui

Adapted from the novel by Sabri Louatah

Adaptation and dialogues : Sabri Louatah and David Elkaïm

Second round in the presidential race, in Paris. On posters and tv screens, one man promises that « the future starts now ». For the first time, the favorite candidate has origins from Algeria.

The same day in Saint-Etienne. The Nerrouche family is in the middle of the heat : they are preparing a wedding. Everybody runs, shouts, and embraces each other… But a young man called Krim, witness of the husband, can’t stop himself from coming and going. He is agitated and nobody understands why.

Is it because of the embarrassing atmosphere surrounding the wedding between a Kabyle and an Arab? Is it because of the rumor that the husband might be homosexual? Or is it the stream of texts from his mysterious cousin that troubles him?

During twenty-four hours only, all the strings will tie and untie themselves : the collision between a family’s destiny and the country’s hopes is inevitable.

Channel : Canal+



Kabul kitchen season 1.

2011 - 12x30' / Original title: Kaboul kitchen Saison 1


Kaboul Kitchen is an occidental and protected haven where alcohol is tolerated, food is bad and expensive and women can be seen half naked in a swimming pool. And where you are asked politely to please leave your guns at the front desk.

It’s a crazy world of its own and Jacky reigns over it. He makes a lot of money but have to spend most of it to keep his restaurant open. When his daughter Sophie arrives in Kaboul as a humanitarian worker, his headache goes worst. This TV show will teach you interesting facts about such different subjects as Politics and sex, bikinis and Talibans, drugs and human rights, Kalachnikov and French gastronomy…


Coproduction : Chic Films

Producers : Joëy Faré and Marco Cherqui

Written by : Allan Mauduit, Jean-Patrick Benes, Marc Victor, Nathalie Saugeon, Gabor Rassov, Vincent Weil and Jean-Paul Raymond

Directed by : Jean-Patrick Benes, Allan Mauduit and Frédéric Berthe

Original music : Christophe Julien

Cast : Gilbert Melki, Simon Abkarian, Stéphanie Pasterkamp, Benjamin Bellecour, Alexis Michalik, Marc Citti, Fayçal Azizi, Brahim Bihi and Fanny Touron

Broadcaster : Canal +

Distributor : AB International Distribution

Pictures copyright  : Xavier Lahache and Isabelle Mauduit


Best european series producer – Festival de télévision de Monte-Carlo 2012

Fipa d’or for best serie and Fipa d’or for the best screen playFipa 2012

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